TGT 024: Dungeons and Dragons

This week we talk a bit more about Codex as it’s our game of the day.  We also get to some feedback about our CCG episodes and answer a question about games with lite rules for super casual gamers.

Then we get into our main topic of D&D where Chris starts out with a history of D&D and then we move into how to play.  This is one of Chris’s favorite topics so email us if you have questions or comments.

And thanks our Friend of the Show Emil Gilljam, for being our first Patreon!

TGT 023: Game Expansions

This week we start out with a lot of announcements and feedback.  On of the bigger ones, for us, is that we now have a Patreon page.  You can find it by searching for us on Patreon or just go to

About 31 minutes in we get to our on topic section where we answer an email from Andrew Fayash about expansions.  We’ll talk about types we like and don’t like so much.  And games that have tons of expansions vs games that may only have one but it’s a must have.

Let us know what you think about expansions!

TGT 022: Collectable Card Games

In this episode we talk about Collectable Card Games – Mainly Magic the Gathering and Pokemon, but a splash of Yu-Gi-Oh as well.  But before we get to that we have a couple long listener feedback.  Oh and an announcement that you can only hear about from listening to the podcast.  Enjoy!

TGT 021: Your Questions

This episode is all about you.  Well sort of.  First we announce a secret thing you’ll have to listen to to find out about, then we go off topic and talk about X-Com the board game as well as Labyrinth (a classic from Kitty’s childhood).  Eventually we get on topic and answer your questions.  Let us know how you think we did!

TGT 020: Our Top 5s

In this, start of the year episode, we each list off our top 5 games.  Since Spencer joined us, that’s 20 games for our 20th episode.  We want to know your top 5 games!  Let us know by emailing us at

But first we start of year off topic with a new years goal from Chris…to lose 55 pounds by October.  Starting weight 215.  What are your new year’s goals?