TGT 028: Playing to Win

This week we talk about Playing to Win (vs. playing for fun, because you want to be part of the group, etc.)


We give the details of how to add an entry this week for our Gloomhaven giveaway.  Listen to find out how (it’s near the beginning).

We summarize the feedback we got from our Gloomhaven unboxing, thank you everyone that sent us your positive and constructive feedback!

We announce a new interview that will be dropping this Friday (March 3rd, 2017) with Hyacinth games about their RPG/Tabletop Miniatures game Wreck Age (  Keep an ear out for that.

We get more 6 player game recommendations from Sam.  We hear about solo play from Dan, and we answer a question from Enzo about the ability to reseat the legacy part of Gloomhaven.

Our quick question deals with apps making their way into boardgames (companion apps or apps that are required to play).

Some new games Chris picked up:

And new Kickstarters Chris is backing:

Our game of today is Assault of the Giants.  We talk about play length and impressions after a single play through.

On Topic:

This week’s on topic discusses some feedback we got from Mish Boutet about the pros and cons of playing to win.  We reference David Sirlin’s book, “Playing to Win” which can be found at   Let us know your thoughts on the subject.

Next week: Interview with Stephen Buonocore of Stronghold Games.

TGT Giveaway: Gloomhaven

That’s right, we’re giving away a copy of Gloomhaven.  Specifically the one in the above video.  To enter you’ll have to listen to the podcast.  Episodes 27, 28 & 29 will all have a way to enter the contest (and you can enter all 3 ways).  The drawing will be on March 12th, so that’s your deadline.  Note that you can go to our YouTube channel if you’d rather watch the podcasts than just listen.


TGT 027: Solo Games

This week we announce a new contest to win Gloomhaven.  Listen to find out how to enter.  We then talk about a prototype we received call Mageling.  We finally go on topic to find that Josh and Kitty didn’t do a lot of homework, but I think we were still able to touch on the pros and cons of solo games and we even recommend a few solo games worth tracking down.

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TGT YouTube Unboxing: Gloomhaven

Kitty and Chris do our 2nd, in more than one way, unboxing video.  Just a day after our first.  This one gets an intro and outro as well (we’re already making progress).

Gloomhaven is the current hotness (at least according to and we agree).  This video goes through all the components as well as describes a bit of how they are used in the game.  Questions, comments, and feedback are always welcome!

TGT 026: Codex with David Sirlin

In this, kind of long episode, we talk with David Sirlin on his game Codex.  The interview starts around 25 minutes in, before that we discuss future plans for the Tabletop Game Talk “network” as well and talk, accidentally, about a new game we have, Gloomhaven.



SC 002 Interview: Dungeon Alliance with Andrew Parks

This is the first in our new interview series.  In this episode Chris talks with Andrew Parks about his new Dungeon Alliance Kickstarter.  And since it’s Andrew Parks, we also talk a bit about Core Worlds and the upcoming game from WizKids: Assault of the Giants.  (Although I call it “Attack” of the Giants on the show – sorry!)

Find out more about Dungeon Alliance and watch Andrew play the solo game on Kickstarter: