TGT 041: Bringing People into the Hobby

This week we talk about bringing new people into the hobby.  From the types of games to use to the kinds of places to do it.  Josh wasn’t able to be part of this show so we brought in Spencer and Sydnie to take his place.

TGT 040: Rulebooks

This week we look at the rules.  Well rulebooks anyway.  What we like, dislike, and the various ways different publishers/designers approach writing rulebooks.

Off Topic

This is week two of our Mechs vs. Minions giveaway!

We’re still working on finding out our Origins time, holding out hope that all works out.  GenCon is official and Friday Aug 18th at 6:00pm.


Take the Gold:

Sine Tempore:

We then get to some feedback from Thom, Steven, Micheal, Steve, and Christy.

Finally a quick question on mobile game recommendations.

On Topic

We start off talking about a game that doesn’t have a rulebook at all. We then look at the two rulebook format as well as the traditional one book format.

We talk about what we (and you) like and don’t like in your rulebooks.  We even get into a bit of real world rulebook review and writing activities.


TGT 039: Traveling With Games

This week we talk about traveling with games.

Off Topic

We announce a new giveaway: Mechs vs. Minions!

Then we talk briefly about the Bang lawsuit, there’s more about that here:

Next a big about Villages of Valeria vs. Lords of Waterdeep and then on to Kickstarters!

Path of Light and Shadow:

Diceborn Heros:

Hardwood Dice Towers:

Here is the link to his twitch channel:

We then get into some feedback and finally a quick question on starting a game collection.

On Topic

We got a ton of feedback on our boardgamegeek forum:

We talk games that are good for travel, those that start in small boxes (anything Tiny Epic and most social deduction games).  We also talk about game footprint considerations and repacking bigger games.  Oh and we even touch on airport security.


SC 008 Interview: JT with The Game Crafter

In this episode I talk with JT, one of the founders of  This site is even cooler than I thought and it keeps getting better.

We briefly start with the history of the site but then jump right into all the options you have when designing games.  Laser cut custom shapes…I need not say more.  But I will!  Cool upgrade components, dice, and contests.  A Ton of contests (each contest weighs 1/3 of a ton, so that means 3 contests:

And if you want to hear more from JT, he has a weekly podcast that can be found here:  or just search “The Game Crafter” wherever you listen to your podcasts.

Oh, and here is the link to the image of the dice JT talked about:


TGT 038: Trick Taking Games

This week Spencer joins us (Josh is out of town) to talk about trick taking games.

Off Topic

First we get some feedback about past episodes including a comment about what “random” is in games that turns into an interesting debate.  We then get a quick question on game knock offs and how we feel about them.

On Topic

Spades, Hearts, Euchre, Moons, and Nyet!  All trick taking games.  We look at what makes them unique, fun or not fun (depending on your point of view) and what’s different in the newer generation of trick taking games.

TGT 037: Tricking Out Your Games

This episode we talk upgrades, enhancements, storage and more.  We talk about tricking your games out.  And thanks to Christy we cover all kinds of options.

Off Topic

First we get some feedback and answer the question, what is our favorite game mechanic?

On Topic

Chris gets lazy and just uses all of Christy’s work (because it was awesome) as the show outline.  You can check out all her research, and others, at – just take a look a the Ep 37 thread.