TGT 061: Filler Games

Only one Kickstarter this week, the expansion to Near and Far.  We have a lot of feedback from last week and then we go on topic and talk about filler games.  Chris seems passionate and conflicted about the term, but we’ll blame that on the fact he’s getting married this week and his mind has been all over the place!

TGT 060: Ancient Games

In this episode we get some feedback around fiddly bits, Chris reminds people about the 7th Continent Kickstarter, and backs a couple others and then we go on topic…

Ancient games!  It’s like a history class, but for games.  Some games have stood the test of time, where did they come from and how did they become what they are today?  That’s what we try and get to the bottom of in this episode.

TGT 059: Fiddly Bits

Chris has a “bit” of a rough start on this one owed to a bachelor event the day before – but he does end up remembering to announce the winner of Massive Darkness eventually.

A couple promised  links,


Component Trays

Once we make it on topic Chris finds his voice and uses it for what seems like a very long time to us all.  After talking about games that have too many fiddly bits, we get down to the fiddly bit to game play ratio theory.  We even manage to add a few tips for managing fiddly bits into the conversation.