About Us

Tabletop Game Talk is made up of three people with a shared love of gaming.  To hear our origin story, you can listen to episode 21 where we talk about how we all got together and why we started the podcast.  Below is a quick bio and contact information for each of us.

Chris Steele has been gaming for as long as he can remember.  This started out with games like Risk and Monopoly when he was very young but around middle school age heard of this game called Dungeons and Dragons and found someone at school to teach it to him (and become best friends with that person for the remainder of middle and high school).  D&D lead to realizing there were other role playing games as well, and he consumed as much of it as he could.  Near the end of high school, Magic the Gathering came out and he spent a few years with that.  Eventually real life took over (if you can call it real life since he got a job in the video game industry and still played/made games for a living).  About 10 years ago he picked up a 4th edition D&D players hand book and fell in love all over again.  This was around the time of the board game revolution as well.  One thing lead to another and he now has over 250 board games and even more roll playing books and supplements.  He’s addicted and loves to talk about it.

You can reach Chris on twitter at @GameMasterChris and he’s also the primary checker of the email account TabletopGameTalk@gmail.com.

Josh Phillips will write his own bio here at some point 🙂

Until then you can reach Josh on twitter at @Joshisblonde (and he really is).

Kitty Langley will also write her own bio.

And you can reach her on twitter at @KittenL


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