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TGT 061: Filler Games

Only one Kickstarter this week, the expansion to Near and Far.  We have a lot of feedback from last week and then we go on topic and talk about filler games.  Chris seems passionate and conflicted about the term, but we’ll blame that on the fact he’s getting married this week and his mind has been all over the place!

TGT 060: Ancient Games

In this episode we get some feedback around fiddly bits, Chris reminds people about the 7th Continent Kickstarter, and backs a couple others and then we go on topic…

Ancient games!  It’s like a history class, but for games.  Some games have stood the test of time, where did they come from and how did they become what they are today?  That’s what we try and get to the bottom of in this episode.

TGT 059: Fiddly Bits

Chris has a “bit” of a rough start on this one owed to a bachelor event the day before – but he does end up remembering to announce the winner of Massive Darkness eventually.

A couple promised  links,


Component Trays

Once we make it on topic Chris finds his voice and uses it for what seems like a very long time to us all.  After talking about games that have too many fiddly bits, we get down to the fiddly bit to game play ratio theory.  We even manage to add a few tips for managing fiddly bits into the conversation.

TGT 058: Classic Mainstream Games

Last chance to enter the Massive Darkness giveaway!

Chris backed three Kickstarter: Wander, The Networks, and he backed a gaming table from Table of Ultimate Gaming.

We then get some feedback from Christy about last weeks episodes on hidden traitor games and answer a quick question on kickstarter.

Then we start talking about mainstream games from our past.  Chris even explains how to play Monopoly and Yahtzee, Kitty explains Clue.  In the end… well you’ll have to listen to find out.

TGT 057: Hidden Traitor Games

Massive Darkness arrived – and wow, it’s massive.  You have until Sep 29th to enter, just email us with the subject “September Giveaway” at

After we get that out of the way, Chris talk about we backed The Island of El Dorado.  We then have a fair amount of feedback, we do a quick question on how quickly games go from “wow” to “huh?” and finally get into our main topic of Hidden Traitor Games.

To be honest, we mostly talk about Battlestar Galactica and Dead of Winter, but we throw a few others in there as well.  And Chris manages to sneak in a name drop a few times (you’ll know it when you hear it).

TGT 056: Gaming Tables

This week we go under the game, to the game table.  We talk about several different companies and options and even come up with a few alternatives suggested by our listeners.

Chris also backed Unstable Unicorns on Kickstarter, we answer a question on how do you know what to kickstart, and there’s a brief updated on our YouTube plans for the future.

Also, we’ve raised $325 for the, so thank you all for helping support #GamersVsHarvey.

TGT 055: Solo and Co-op Games

This episode we start by talking a bit about hurricane Harvey.  We’re going to be donating our September patreon money to  Follow the cause with #GamersVsHarvey

Then we get into gaming topics starting with the Chris’s new game he’s Kickstarting, ALEXANDRIA.

We then talk about last weeks episode and how we really need several more episodes to cover it all – we plan to do just that over the next few weeks.

We make it to on topic and talk about Time Stories, Deadline, Professor Evil and the Citadel of Time, Flatline and Kitty even snuck in Perfection.  We talk about when a co-op can be turned into a solo game and why we like solo games in general.

Oh -and the game Josh mentioned is called “H.E.A.D. Hunters”.  It’ll be kickstarting soon.

TGT 054: Gaming Trends

This week we first talk about all the new games we came back from Gen Con with.  Then we revisit the question of whether you can judge a game on the first play or not.

We eventually start talking about gaming trends with a lot of input from you which made us realize there are a lot more trends than we originally thought!


TGT 053: Gen Con 50 Live Show!

We’re posting this episode 4 days early!  We won’t have a normal Tuesday episode, as this really is episode 53, we just wanted to get it to you in more of a real-time way.

In this episode we talk to you, our listeners, about your experiences at the show.  Chris gives away a ton of games and we all have a great time.  We’ll be back to our regular schedule next week when we talk about gaming trends in the hobby.

TGT 052: Our Favorite Games

If you’re at GenCon 50, stop by for our live show Friday at 6:00pm (8/18/17) at the Crowne Plaza : Pennsylvania Stn B

52 weeks.  One year.  A milestone.  And what do we talk about, games of course.  Some of our favorites in fact.  And some of yours as well.