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TGT 051: Managing Your Game Collection

In this episode we talk a lot about Kickstarter in our off topic segment.  Ironic really since Chris didn’t back anything on Kickstarter this week.

On topic it’s all about how to manage your game collection.  Or probably more accurately, how Josh, Kitty, and Chris manage their collections.  From a handful, to a dozen, to a couple hundred we try and add a little order to the chaos.

Oh, and if you listen after the credits you’ll get a bonus of our entire theme song.

TGT 049: Board Game Parties

This week we talk about board game parties and the pros and cons, ups and downs, ins and outs, and other opposites on the subject.  But first…

Off Topic

More on the 50/52 debate and our upcoming 50th episode.  Last week to enter our giveaway, send a question for a few bonus entries to  Our GenCon show is 50% sold out and we’ll be giving a ton of stuff away there, so get your tickets now.

Chris then talks about two new Kickstarters he’s backing, Rolling Empires and Renegade.

Finally we get some feedback from Terrence on game burnout.

On Topic

Finally we get on topic and start with an email from Jason.  There’s a lot of input on this topic that we use to drive our discussion and we even come up with some advise by the end.

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TGT 048: Game Burnout

This week we talk about burnout, game burnout that is.  But first…

Off Topic

We start out talking about our current giveaway and our upcoming episode 50.  Send us your questions for extra entries.  Enter at with subject “July Giveaway”.

Chris then talks about Kickstarters, Action Cats, Founders of Gloomhaven, and Crusaders.

We get some feedback from Kitty and Steven then we go on topic.

On Topic

Lots of input from the listeners, thanks Sam, Christy, Caleb, Michael, Steven, Terrance, and Todd.

We talk a about burnout and it’s opposite that we finally call addiction.  Turns out there are a ton of games we are burned out on, but there are also a bunch we can’t see burning out on.  Hmmm…

TGT 047: Word and Letter Games

This week we talk word games with Gloria.  And Letter games which Chris doesn’t care for at all.  But first…

Off Topic

Lots of talk about Dice Tower Con and our giveaway.  We’re giving away Plague Inc and Arena For The Gods.  Email us to enter with the subject “July Giveaway”

On Topic

Eventually we get on topic and talk about Scrabble and other spelling games.  We also talk about some word games and how they differ.

TGT 046: Yard and Picnic Games

This week we take the 4th of July into consideration and talk about yard and picnic games.  But first…

Off Topic

Chris is off to DiceTowerCon with Sydnie this week.  If you’re in Orlando, give him a tweet @GameMasterChris.

We’re starting our newest giveaway, but the prize is TBD based on what Chris finds in Orlando.  In the mean time you can email your entry to with the subject “July Giveaway” to enter.

No new Kickstarters for Chris, but we do have feedback form Aaron and Steve on previous episodes.

On Topic

We spend a fare amount of time talk about traditional yard games and a lot of time reminiscing about these games.  Eventually we do get around to a few tabletop games that would transition fairly well to the outdoors though.

TGT 045: Demoing Games

This week we talk about game demos and what we can learn from them.  But first…

Off Topic

Chris is back into the Kickstarter swing with Triplock, Gruff: Rage of Trolls, Bio-Logic, Rise of Tribes, and The Component Collector.

We then get some feedback from Sydnie, Christy, and Sam to talk about.

On Topic

We start off thinking about game demos and if they are useful for learning games at home.  This quickly turns into a discussion about games that kind of do this already by having “first game” versions of the rules.  We end talking about some of the games we demoed at Origins last week.


SC 010: Gruff

Gruff is cool!  And today I talk with Brent Critchfield, the designer, all about it.  Oh, and he has a Kickstarter going for the 2nd expansion which adds solo and co-op play, you can find that here: or here

Basically Gruff is a game of battling goats guided by unique shepherds.  You pick a shepherd, then you pick three goats.  This gives you a pool of cards (15 per goat) and you build a deck from that pool (8 per goat).  Ready, set, battle!  The rules are straight forward, but there is a ton of depth both in the deck construction and the play itself.  There are two expansions (well the 2nd is on Kickstarter now), both are standalone and great deals by themselves.  All in all, this game looks and plays great.  A perfect 2-player game and with the latest expansion, you can play it solo and co-op.

(Hmmm, that sounded very market-ish, but really I just like this game and wish it success.)


TGT 044: Origins 2017 Live

Our first live show!  Origins 2017.   We go on topic in record time and talk about a ton of games we played, including…

  • Century: Spice Road
  • Barenpark
  • Werewords
  • Ren Fair
  • Pengoloo
  • Shahrazad
  • The Lost Expedition
  • Masters of Orion
  • Wichhunt
  • and more…



TGT 043: Gamification

This week we talk about bringing gaming ideas into our normal lives, and just a bit of educational games as well.

Off Topic

Come watch us live at Origins this week.  Friday June 16th, at 6:00pm in Room A215.

Some Kickstarters to check out:

  • Lords of Hellas
  • Deception: Undercover Allies
  • Bio-Logic

And a couple quick questions this week from Sam (on what is “mass market” and “variants introduced by expansions”) and Steven (on how to start going to Cons).

On Topic

We start out talking about Gamification in fitness (AppleWatch and FitBits).  And then there’s a bit about apps that try to gamify tasks lists.  We then go into gamifying games with the goal of education which leads Chris to add a show on educational games to the future lineup.

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