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TGT 037: Tricking Out Your Games

This episode we talk upgrades, enhancements, storage and more.  We talk about tricking your games out.  And thanks to Christy we cover all kinds of options.

Off Topic

First we get some feedback and answer the question, what is our favorite game mechanic?

On Topic

Chris gets lazy and just uses all of Christy’s work (because it was awesome) as the show outline.  You can check out all her research, and others, at – just take a look a the Ep 37 thread.

TGT 036: Campaign and Legacy Games

This week we talk about the differences in Campaign and Legacy games, both as they relate to each other and as they relate to other games.

Off Topic

First we start off with announcements as always (Josh is back too).  This is the last week of our current giveaway – so listen and enter! Chris is back to Kickstarting things again and we get challenged on whether you can get away with coming out as a spy in resistance.  Finally Chris finds a way to sneak in some talk of Too Many Bones.

On Topic

Well we try and figure out whats the differences between a campaign game and a legacy game.  I’m not sure we ever agree, but we do try.  We also talk about some of our favorites, Pandemic Legacy, Risk Legacy, Gloomhaven, Arcadia Quest and we confess that we’ve never played Decent, but should.

TGT 035: Cult of the New

In this episode we’re talking the new vs. the old, games that is.  What drives us to wanting to play new games instead of the older ones we already know how to play…

Off Topic

Thanks to Sam we have a series of questions to answer in our off topic segment.  And don’t forget about our current giveaway, Santorini!  Visit us at to enter.

On Topic

New vs. old.  Games we like vs. games we don’t know if we like.  Getting better at a game vs. trying out new games.  All this leads us into the Cult of the New vs the Cult of the Old.  Oh, and Sydnie joins us this week!

TGT 034: Board Games vs Video Games

This week we take a closer look at board games vs. video games.  What draws us to each and why might we play one over the other.

Off Topic

In our off topic segment we get some feedback from our last episode on board game geek.  We learn a few extra tricks and maybe even how a trade works.

We then answer a quick question about the cost of board games.

On Topic

We drill into the differences between board games and video games.  There were a number of times we may have looked like we were preferring one over the other, but in the end, we like them both.

SC 007 A Game In Depth: Pandemic Legacy

We finished it!  It took us 19 games and 6 real months, but we did it.  And we had a great time.  This episode we talk all about it.  And we spoil everything!  Don’t listen if you don’t want to have it spoiled.  But if you want to hear how things went for us, this is the episode.

TGT 033: Board Game Geek

This week we focus on .  But first…

Off Topic

We’re into the last week of our Fields of Green contest.  To enter visit us at  The deadline is midnight (your local time) April 7th, 2017.

We then announce some changes to your off topic section in order to make it shorter.  Followed by some feedback on past episodes.

On Topic

We talk about  This is a big topic, but we try and cover the basics and give a few advanced tips as well.  We’re all still learning everything BGG has to offer, so we’re looking for feedback and tips that you might have about BGG.

Join the conversation on our BGG forum or visit us out our website

TGT 032: Gateway Games

This week we look at gateway games.  What makes a game a gateway game and what are some of favorites.

Off Topic

First we talk about our Fields of Green giveaway.  If you haven’t entered yet, you can go to to do so.

Chris talks about GaryCon and some of the cool people he met and hung out with there.

We then get some feedback from Thom who gives us some of his favorite games, Shane on Kickstarter horror stories for designers, and Sam on our rebooking video of Fields of Green.

And a new sub-feedback segment on things Chris says wrong.

Our quick question this week is from Josh’s brother Stefan about games that are good for 4 year olds.

Then Chris talks about Guildhall, Tails of the Yawning Portal and Santorini. He also backed RPG Coasters and Impulse on Kickstarter.

Check out this actual play podcast – it’s really good:

Games we talked about in this segment:

Great Western Trail (*
Not Alone (*
Fields of Green (*
Marvel Legendary (*
King of Tokyo (*
Betrayal at House on the Hill (*
One Night Werewolf (*

Guildhall (*
Santorini (*
Talks of the Yawning Portal

*these are Amazon affiliate links that provide financial support to the show.


RPG Coasters (
Impulse (

On Topic

This week we’re taking about gateway games. What makes a good gateway game and what are some our favorites.

Some of the gateway games we talked about in this segment:

Splendor (*
Hogwarts Battle (*
Resistance (*
Resistance Avalon (*
Guildhall (*
Santorini (*
Imhotep (*
Codenames (*
Codenames Pictures (*
Insider (*
Potion Explosion (*
Isle of Skye (*
Pandemic (*
Hanabi (*
Not Alone (*

*these are Amazon affiliate links that provide financial support to the show.

Next week we’ll talk about





SC 006 Interview: Ash Maczko about Squarriors

This week I talk with Ash Maczko about his upcoming non-collectable card game Squarriors (  This is based off the comic of the same name.  I’ve played the demo and I really enjoyed it.  The Kickstarter starts in a few days, so give this a listen and check out the Kickstarter.

TGT 031: Kickstarter

This week we talk about Kickstarter and the pros and cons if it in our industry.  But first…

Off Topic

News/Announcements: We start off talking a bit about our new giveaway for Fields of Green  (and second winner gets a Tabletop Game Talk t-shirt).  You can find some videos we did no Fields of Green on our YouTube channel.

Feedback: We got some fun feedback on our drinking game episode. Maybe some of it was even constructive (we should drink more?).

Quick Question: We answer a question from Thom about when it’s ok to concede a game.

New Games/Kickstarters: We skip this segment this week since the entire show is about Kickstarter – just skip to on-topic.

Game of Today: This week we talk about Inis.  Spoiler alert, we liked it and the map is looks amazing.

Amazon affiliate links:

Fields of Green:

On Topic

This week we talk all about Kickstarter and barely scratch the surface.  We also include some input from the listeners.  Let us know your thoughts for our next feedback section.

Some Kickstarters we talk about:

Rising Sun:
Esper Genesis:
Wreck Age:




SC 005 Interview: John Zinser of AEG about Thunderstone Quest

In this Side Chat episode I talk with John Zinser, CEO of AEG games. We talk briefly about the origins of the company and then segue into the origins of the original Thunderstone.  Of course that leads us to Thunderstone Quest and how it is different from it’s predecessors.  We also talk a bit about why this is a Kickstarter since this is a first for AEG.

For more information about AEG visit their website at

For Thunderstone Quest you can go directly to their page here

And you can find the Kickstarter here