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TGT 012: Conventions


This week we start by talking about a game called Roll Player then a bit about Pandemic Legacy.  And Chris fanboys out about all the other podcasters he met this weekend.  Then we go on topic talking about conventions of all types (but mostly gaming).  Listen to find out why everyone should go to at least one convention at some point.

TGT 011: Hidden Traitor Games


This week we first talk about our “game of today” Oceanos.  A fun little game with a lot of fish and personality.  We then go into our main topic and spend a fair amount of time talking about Battlestar Gallatica, Dead of Winter, and a few other hidden traitor games we like.

TGT 010: Halloween Games


It’s a Halloween episode!  First we talk about our first game of Pandemic Legacy (spoiler, we really like it).  Then we take a brief look at horror games and ask the question, have we ever really been scared by a game?  About half way through, we go off board games and straight into creepy, scary stories.

Happy Halloween!

TGT 009: CoOp Games


This week we dive into CoOp games.  Our primary focus is on Pandemic, but we talk about many different types of CoOps as well as the good and the bad of them.  Let us know if you agree or disagree with our thoughts.

[There was an editing error in the original file, if you downloaded in the first day, please delete that file and download again.  You’ll know there is a problem if you can’t hear Chris very well.]

TGT 008: Social Games


This week we talk about social games.  But first we talk about the game we played today Tiny Epic Galexy.  What do we consider a social game?  What about social deduction?  We go deeper into a few games such as Are You A Werewolf, Resistance/Avalon, Deception, Cosmic Encounters, we even talk a bit about spades.  Oh, and a surprise guest host (you’ll have to listen to find out).

TGT 007: Role Playing Games


First we talk a little about “The Duke” and “Risk Legacy” as the game’s we’ve recently played.  We then talk about how we all got into role playing games, what we like about them, and how they are different from board games.


TGT 006: Game Classifications


This week we talk about game classifications, that is, what’s a euro game, american game, mass market vs designer, etc.  We also talk about game types and mechanics as well as luck vs skill games.

This week’s podcast picture is a picture of my “game nook.”  It was taken when it was clean and about 20 games ago – it’s a _bit_ messier now.

Finally we have introduced two segments to our Off Topic section, “Games I’ve bought or kickstarted since last episode” where I talk about just that and “Game of Today” where we talk about the game we just got done playing before the podcast started.

Finally, Kitty mentioned “The Landlord’s Game” from the 99% Invisible podcast, here’s the link, give it a listen, it’s good!

TGT 005: Teaching and Learning New Games.


This week our topic is how to learn and teach new games.  Since starting this podcast we’ve had to learn and play many more games in a short period of time.  We’ll talk about our experiences with teaching games as well as what we look for from a teacher of games.