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TGT 032: Gateway Games

This week we look at gateway games.  What makes a game a gateway game and what are some of favorites.

Off Topic

First we talk about our Fields of Green giveaway.  If you haven’t entered yet, you can go to to do so.

Chris talks about GaryCon and some of the cool people he met and hung out with there.

We then get some feedback from Thom who gives us some of his favorite games, Shane on Kickstarter horror stories for designers, and Sam on our rebooking video of Fields of Green.

And a new sub-feedback segment on things Chris says wrong.

Our quick question this week is from Josh’s brother Stefan about games that are good for 4 year olds.

Then Chris talks about Guildhall, Tails of the Yawning Portal and Santorini. He also backed RPG Coasters and Impulse on Kickstarter.

Check out this actual play podcast – it’s really good:

Games we talked about in this segment:

Great Western Trail (*
Not Alone (*
Fields of Green (*
Marvel Legendary (*
King of Tokyo (*
Betrayal at House on the Hill (*
One Night Werewolf (*

Guildhall (*
Santorini (*
Talks of the Yawning Portal

*these are Amazon affiliate links that provide financial support to the show.


RPG Coasters (
Impulse (

On Topic

This week we’re taking about gateway games. What makes a good gateway game and what are some our favorites.

Some of the gateway games we talked about in this segment:

Splendor (*
Hogwarts Battle (*
Resistance (*
Resistance Avalon (*
Guildhall (*
Santorini (*
Imhotep (*
Codenames (*
Codenames Pictures (*
Insider (*
Potion Explosion (*
Isle of Skye (*
Pandemic (*
Hanabi (*
Not Alone (*

*these are Amazon affiliate links that provide financial support to the show.

Next week we’ll talk about





SC 006 Interview: Ash Maczko about Squarriors

This week I talk with Ash Maczko about his upcoming non-collectable card game Squarriors (  This is based off the comic of the same name.  I’ve played the demo and I really enjoyed it.  The Kickstarter starts in a few days, so give this a listen and check out the Kickstarter.

TGT 031: Kickstarter

This week we talk about Kickstarter and the pros and cons if it in our industry.  But first…

Off Topic

News/Announcements: We start off talking a bit about our new giveaway for Fields of Green  (and second winner gets a Tabletop Game Talk t-shirt).  You can find some videos we did no Fields of Green on our YouTube channel.

Feedback: We got some fun feedback on our drinking game episode. Maybe some of it was even constructive (we should drink more?).

Quick Question: We answer a question from Thom about when it’s ok to concede a game.

New Games/Kickstarters: We skip this segment this week since the entire show is about Kickstarter – just skip to on-topic.

Game of Today: This week we talk about Inis.  Spoiler alert, we liked it and the map is looks amazing.

Amazon affiliate links:

Fields of Green:

On Topic

This week we talk all about Kickstarter and barely scratch the surface.  We also include some input from the listeners.  Let us know your thoughts for our next feedback section.

Some Kickstarters we talk about:

Rising Sun:
Esper Genesis:
Wreck Age:




SC 005 Interview: John Zinser of AEG about Thunderstone Quest

In this Side Chat episode I talk with John Zinser, CEO of AEG games. We talk briefly about the origins of the company and then segue into the origins of the original Thunderstone.  Of course that leads us to Thunderstone Quest and how it is different from it’s predecessors.  We also talk a bit about why this is a Kickstarter since this is a first for AEG.

For more information about AEG visit their website at

For Thunderstone Quest you can go directly to their page here

And you can find the Kickstarter here


TGT 030: Drinking Games

This one is a bit silly as today we are talking drinking games, and “needed” to play a few before we started to record.  We’ll be back to sobering topics next week when we talk about Kickstarter.

Off Topic (runs long)

Chris and Kitty welcome Fletcher as a guest host since Josh was out of town at SXSW this week (he forgot to mention it last week).  We then provide some updated information about Patreon.  We find out Chris’s weight hasn’t changed but he likes to read review names from iTunes (even got a correction on one from last week).  And then we announce our Gloomhaven giveaway winner before going into some quick questions and our game of today, Red Dragon Inn.

Games we talked about:

*affiliate links give a small percentage back to us, thank you!

On Topic

We talk drinking games from Flippy Cup and Beer Pong to Irish Poker and Kings.  We made sure we were uniquely qualified to talk on the subject by having played many of these before we recorded.  You’ll even learn a little bit about our collage lives – which turn out to be much more interesting for Kitty than for Chris and Fletcher.


SC 004 Interview: Isaac Childres on Gloomhaven

Today I talk with Isaac Childres about Gloomhaven, the reprinting of Gloomhaven, and the Founders of Gloomhaven Kickstarter.  It’s a lot of Gloomhaven but we manage to sneak in a few questions from the listeners as well.

TGT 029: Stronghold Games

This is the last week of our Gloomhaven giveaway.

Off Topic

We’ve met our Patreon goal of a giveaway each month!  We have an interview up, currently a web exclusive you can find at

Thank you to everyone that has become a Patron and for all the great iTunes reviews.

We answer a few questions from the listeners and then go on to talk about our game of today Not Alone.

Finally a couple new Kickstarters Chris is backing:

Empires of the void 2


On Topic

We talk with Stephen Buonocore about Stronghold games.  The reprints of Terraforming Mars and Great Western Trial.  And an expansion for Dark Moon.  We ask some of our own questions and some from the listeners.  You can find Stronghold Games here

SC 003 Interview: Wreck Age with Anton and Matt

Today Chris talks to Anton and Matt of Hyacinth Games.  We talk about their RPG and tabletop miniatures game Wreck-Age, a post-collapse world set in the not so distant future.  We talk game mechanics, the world, and about the upcoming Kickstarter that will add vehicle miniatures and combat to the game.

You can find more at their website:

Facebook group:

Facebook Page:

And you can follow them on Twitter: @wreckageRPG

Their Kickstarter starts on March 17th, 2017 around noon central time.

You can also find them at  AdeptiCon in Schaumburg, IL on March 23rd-26th at the Renaissance.  They’ll be on the dealers room floor and it’s free to stop in.

TGT 028: Playing to Win

This week we talk about Playing to Win (vs. playing for fun, because you want to be part of the group, etc.)


We give the details of how to add an entry this week for our Gloomhaven giveaway.  Listen to find out how (it’s near the beginning).

We summarize the feedback we got from our Gloomhaven unboxing, thank you everyone that sent us your positive and constructive feedback!

We announce a new interview that will be dropping this Friday (March 3rd, 2017) with Hyacinth games about their RPG/Tabletop Miniatures game Wreck Age (  Keep an ear out for that.

We get more 6 player game recommendations from Sam.  We hear about solo play from Dan, and we answer a question from Enzo about the ability to reseat the legacy part of Gloomhaven.

Our quick question deals with apps making their way into boardgames (companion apps or apps that are required to play).

Some new games Chris picked up:

And new Kickstarters Chris is backing:

Our game of today is Assault of the Giants.  We talk about play length and impressions after a single play through.

On Topic:

This week’s on topic discusses some feedback we got from Mish Boutet about the pros and cons of playing to win.  We reference David Sirlin’s book, “Playing to Win” which can be found at   Let us know your thoughts on the subject.

Next week: Interview with Stephen Buonocore of Stronghold Games.

TGT 027: Solo Games

This week we announce a new contest to win Gloomhaven.  Listen to find out how to enter.  We then talk about a prototype we received call Mageling.  We finally go on topic to find that Josh and Kitty didn’t do a lot of homework, but I think we were still able to touch on the pros and cons of solo games and we even recommend a few solo games worth tracking down.

Intersted in supporting the show and being auto entered into all our contests?  Take a look at our Patreon page  You can also check out our new YouTube channel at