Convention Schedule

This is a list of 2017 conventions we are considering or will be attending.

(Chris Confirmed) Winter Fantasy  [Feb 2nd – 5th]  Fort Wayne, IN

(Chris & Sydnie Confirmed) Capricon  [Feb 17th-19th]

(Chris Confirmed) Gary Con  [March 23rd -26th]  Lake Geneva, WI

ChupacabraCon  [May 12th-14th]  Austin, TX

(Chris & Sydnie Confirmed) Origins  [June 14th-18th]  Columbus, OH

(Chris & Sydnie Confirmed) DiceTowerCon  [July 6th-9th]  Orlando, FL

(Chris & Sydnie Confirmed) GenCon  [August 17th-20th]  Indianapolis, IN

(Chris Confirmed) GameHoleCon  [Novemember 3rd-5th]  Madison, WI

WindyCon  [November 10th-12th]  Lombard, IL


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