“We love feedback.”  – And we really do.  We want this podcast to be part of the community where we’re talking with you not just at you.

If you have feedback about anything we’ve talked about on our show, email us at and we’ll likely add it to the show (depending on the amount of feedback we might have to paraphrase).

And at the end of each episode we announce the topic of our next show.  There will be a thread at you can add to as part of the pre-discussion.  You can also email us with your thoughts as well.

You can also leave us feedback for everyone to see by writing an iTunes review.  It helps us gain visibility in the podcast world and we love to read them.

Of course you can also email us about anything you find interesting and want to bring to our attention, something you like or dislike about the show, or even to send us cat pictures 🙂

We look forward to hearing from you!

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