TGT 006: Game Classifications


This week we talk about game classifications, that is, what’s a euro game, american game, mass market vs designer, etc.  We also talk about game types and mechanics as well as luck vs skill games.

This week’s podcast picture is a picture of my “game nook.”  It was taken when it was clean and about 20 games ago – it’s a _bit_ messier now.

Finally we have introduced two segments to our Off Topic section, “Games I’ve bought or kickstarted since last episode” where I talk about just that and “Game of Today” where we talk about the game we just got done playing before the podcast started.

Finally, Kitty mentioned “The Landlord’s Game” from the 99% Invisible podcast, here’s the link, give it a listen, it’s good!

TGT 005: Teaching and Learning New Games.


This week our topic is how to learn and teach new games.  Since starting this podcast we’ve had to learn and play many more games in a short period of time.  We’ll talk about our experiences with teaching games as well as what we look for from a teacher of games.


TGT 004: What makes a game fun?

We’ve heard the feedback and we’re adjusting the format of the show to make it more universal.

First – We’re adding a host, welcome Kitty!

Next – We’re not going to be doing in-depth on a single game anymore.  Instead we’re going to go with a topic based focus.  We’ll still be talking about specific games, but in the context of our topic.

Lastly – There will only be two segments.  Off Topic where we’ll talk about anything that isn’t the topic of the day.  This will include news, announcements, listener feedback and questions from other shows as well as anything else we need to get out before we go to our next segment.  That next segment, you may have guessed it: On Topic where we talk about just what it sounds like – the topic of the show.

With that all out of the way, our topic for today is what we find fun in games as well as what we don’t find fun at all.  This is likely a part 1 with part 2 to happen many months down the road.  This is our own little social experiment as to whether or not our tastes will change as we do this show.  So join us for our “reboot” and we’ll all find the fun.

TGT 003: Legendary Encounters – Firefly

This week we talk about Legendary Encounters: Firefly.  Josh didn’t get as many plays as he would like, so it’s a lot of Chris talking about solo play vs team strategies.

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