TGT 029: Stronghold Games

This is the last week of our Gloomhaven giveaway.

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We’ve met our Patreon goal of a giveaway each month!  We have an interview up, currently a web exclusive you can find at

Thank you to everyone that has become a Patron and for all the great iTunes reviews.

We answer a few questions from the listeners and then go on to talk about our game of today Not Alone.

Finally a couple new Kickstarters Chris is backing:

Empires of the void 2


On Topic

We talk with Stephen Buonocore about Stronghold games.  The reprints of Terraforming Mars and Great Western Trial.  And an expansion for Dark Moon.  We ask some of our own questions and some from the listeners.  You can find Stronghold Games here

3 thoughts on “TGT 029: Stronghold Games”

  1. Thanks for the podcast guys & gal, I’m new to the hobby and soaking up all the info I can get. Terraforming Mars has been on my must buy list since I first saw it. I’ll probably still buy it (when available) but your interview with Stephen Buonocore didn’t do much to secure my decision. Maybe it’s a west coast east coast thing but I found him to be extremely condescending and self promoting at every turn. Fortunately most people in the board game industry seem fairly humble so when someone like this comes along he really stands out. Anyone that uses “me”, “my” & “I” when discussing a game & it’s release obviously has some ego at work. Great podcast, keep up the great work.

    1. Hi Shiloh – thanks for the feedback. Stephen really is a nice guy and I think he’s still working through this last year where he’s gone from small(ish) publisher to having a lot of very successful games all at once. His excitement may be coming off as arrogance, but he’s really not. Terraforming Mars is a great game if you like Mars and point salad games 🙂

      1. Thanks for the quick reply, appreciate the quick follow-up. Good to hear he’s a solid guy, my post was obviously based on a small sample size and having never met him. I also happened to listen to an Isaac childres interview (cepholafare) right before Stephens. Isaac has to be one of the most talented & humble designers out there and I think that made Stephen come off really brash by comparison. BTW, Thx for giving a copy of Gloomhaven away, that’s super generous. I was fortunate enough to get a copy at my FLGS on launch day and I’m loving it. Cheers.

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