TGT 047: Word and Letter Games

This week we talk word games with Gloria.  And Letter games which Chris doesn’t care for at all.  But first…

Off Topic

Lots of talk about Dice Tower Con and our giveaway.  We’re giving away Plague Inc and Arena For The Gods.  Email us to enter with the subject “July Giveaway”

On Topic

Eventually we get on topic and talk about Scrabble and other spelling games.  We also talk about some word games and how they differ.

One thought on “TGT 047: Word and Letter Games”

  1. I completely agree with Chris on the topic of spelling games! Spelling has never been my strong suit and for that reason I have to be pretty desperate to play a spelling word game! However… my wife and inlaws do like these games. I ended up backing Hardback on kickstarter hoping that it has enough other things going on that I will be able to compete on a somewhat more playing field!

    Also thank you so much Chris and Sydnie for playtesting Sea of Plunder at Dice Tower Con! It was your feedback and willingness to discuss possible changes that has helped it to become the game it is today!

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