TGT 056: Gaming Tables

This week we go under the game, to the game table.  We talk about several different companies and options and even come up with a few alternatives suggested by our listeners.

Chris also backed Unstable Unicorns on Kickstarter, we answer a question on how do you know what to kickstart, and there’s a brief updated on our YouTube plans for the future.

Also, we’ve raised $325 for the, so thank you all for helping support #GamersVsHarvey.

2 thoughts on “TGT 056: Gaming Tables”

  1. You periodically refer to links “in the show notes” during your podcasts. For example, during the Gaming Table show, you mentioned links to each of the different companies you mentioned by name. Where can I find the show notes? Specifically, you mentioned neoprene gaming mats that sounded of interest to me. Thanks!

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