TGT YouTube Unboxing: Gloomhaven

Kitty and Chris do our 2nd, in more than one way, unboxing video.  Just a day after our first.  This one gets an intro and outro as well (we’re already making progress).

Gloomhaven is the current hotness (at least according to and we agree).  This video goes through all the components as well as describes a bit of how they are used in the game.  Questions, comments, and feedback are always welcome!

2 thoughts on “TGT YouTube Unboxing: Gloomhaven”

  1. TGT,

    I enjoyed your unboxing (version 2.0). While I am not entering your Gloomhaven giveaway because I just found out that my pre-order shipped out today (yeah!), I do have one suggestion that you might consider for future unboxing videos. I like to see who is speaking during game reviews; however, it is *really* annoying when you try to make little details on cards more visible by holding them closer to the camera. It doesn’t work well at all. I suggest at some point in the future purchasing a second camera and placing items that need a more detailed view under that camera. Then you could do a picture-in-picture video where you get both the “big” view and the “detail” view. Something of an investment, but the whole “hold something up the camera and hope it focuses” approach that so many vlogs use really isn’t successful, IMO.

    One more piece of feedback is that I really liked the fact that this unboxing is essentially a do-over. I think it improves the flow of the explanation if you’ve unboxed it for yourself before video taping. This video was very easy to understand. I didn’t miss the exclamations of surprise or various “oohs” and “ahhs” at all.

    Keep up the great work,

    1. Thanks Anne. The biggest points of feedback we’ve been getting is better audio and a close up camera. I’m going to do both and have already ordered a few extra bits to improve on these things. Oh, and congratulations on getting Gloomhaven, hopefully you like it as much as we do!

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